Monday, January 3, 2011

My First Day

I cannot believe all of the comments and emails I have received from all of you. Thank you so much! It means more than you can imagine. Maybe you can imagine. Anyway, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I really appreciate it.

My first day of teaching went so well! Things ran so smoothly and I was able to keep my head clear and focused. My students had a great time and I could tell they were learning. I am amazed everyday at how much I love teaching. I'm not a morning person at all, but I am looking forward to waking up early and preparing for my students.

It's funny to go from student teaching to teaching. I compare it to getting your permit to drive a car. When you're learning to drive it's fun and new, but it's also frustrating and annoying because you have the "experienced" adult in the seat next to you telling you a bunch of things that you would rather not hear! But once you get your license, it's such a great feeling! You finally feel like you really can drive and follow the laws and do your own thing.

That's how today felt. I am the one in charge. I am the one making the decisions. I am the one responsible for the students learning. I don't have to constantly ask my mentor teacher for the "right answer". I'm the one who comes up with the right answer. It just felt so great to make a plan and then implement it. It felt so damn good!

Anyway...that's all for now. I'm super exhausted from today. But I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow. :)



  1. :) I'm glad things went well!!! Feeling in charge and feeling like you're the one who makes decisions about your environment and those around you is so powerful.


  2. I'm so glad your first day went so well!

  3. How awesome! You really rock, Bee! I mean, really, all you've been through, all you deal with on a daily basis, and you made it through school and now are teaching. So fantastic! I admit I'm jealous. Hope one day I might be able to at least go back to school.

  4. That's great that it went well!