Monday, January 17, 2011

The Venom Got to Me

***Read at your own risk***

I just want to say that I love my new teaching job and that it is going very well. I couldn't have asked for a better school, staff team, and community.

But my personal life has been suffering and I've tried so hard this week to hide it from everyone else because I hate being upset. Especially in front of people.

Today was the worst. Horrific. Unthinkable. Screaming. Crying. Pain.

And then...

I come home and find out from a dear friend/reader of my blog that another blogger is taking my thoughts and words from my blog and posting them on hers without my permission and without citing me.

Normally I would act calmly and respectively. Normally I would peacefully work things out. Not today. I just wrote a really nasty comment on there because I was so upset. Not because my friend informed me of it and not necessarily because this blogger had the post. I was upset because this blogger knowingly took something of mine without permission for her own gain. Just like every abuser I've known and heard about. This week has been really tough for me, and this day has been one of the hardest days yet, and I couldn't take it anymore. It's people like her who keep people like me and you from healing properly and completely.

I want to f***ing punch out my walls and tear down everything from the walls, the ground, the roof, the street, I want to kick, scream, bite, punch, cry, slam and jerk every last piece of anything on this earth.

This post isn't doing me justice. I cannot even express how f***ing angry I am right now!


  1. Bee I am so so so so so so so sorry about all of this! You shouldn't have to deal with crap like this especially right now [[[[[[[[BEE]]]]]]]]

  2. I'm so sorry Bee. I knew this week would be hectic for you, but I didn't realise how bad.

    Ignore the extraneous stuff and concentrate on soothing and grounding yourself in positive ways.
    Take care,

  3. Your in my thoughts Bee <3

  4. I'm sorry. Stay strong. Each day brings new situations and sometimes they turn out to be ones that help mediate ones from before. I know that sounded cheesy... and pretty much insane and I'm not even sure if that made sense...

    but hang in there


  5. That is sooo not okay (the other blogger, not you)!!!! Sorry about that, Bee. I'm with CG, take good care of yourself. You deserve it, Bee! Hugs!

  6. I am so sorry Bee that things have been hard, You have every right to be angry. I hope you are starting to feel better

    Take gentle care of yourself

    I'm thinking of you!

  7. I understand your anger. I saw the text via Twitter. She took a lot out of context and, yes, twisted it to meet her agenda. I am sorry that happened to you.

  8. I sure understand your anger...and the reasons why. It feels as if we are being used. I hate that!

    I, too, have been a bit frustrated with this woman's lack of consideration. I did finally get her to take my stuff down, but there is nothing to stop her from putting it back up. I have a notice on my blog requesting that people ask me if they want to quote me. I never really felt that I needed to do that...until her.


    Sorry I have not been here sooner. This is the less healthy time of I am simply swamped.

    Good job venting.