Sunday, June 27, 2010


I got a call from my best friend B last night. B was diagnosed with Schizophrenia about 5 years ago, and yesterday she had set up an appointment with her T and a new T to all meet together so she could make the transition to a new therapist. B has struggled with her medications the entire time she has been on them - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. If she forgets to take them or chooses not to take them, sometimes she does much better and sometimes she does much worse. She never takes her meds when she is pregnant and she usually does pretty well without them. So this appointment was mainly to see what to do about her meds and to meet this new T.

For the past couple of months, her T has been consulting with this new T about a possible misdiagnosis from B's first therapist. Both her current T and her new T believe she has DID, not schizophrenia (B was abused very badly from the time she was born to the time she moved out at 18).

She is in shock. I mean, all this time she has thought that these people she sees and hears are a result of schizophrenia when in fact it is DID. Every time she has tried to explain to me what she experiences over the past 5 years, I always thought it sounded more like me - like DID. But I never knew what to do about it and I figured her doctors knew better than I did. Apparently they didn't.

We talked for about 4 hours last night. I must admit, I am kind of excited to share this with her. I have researched and studied DID non stop for the past 4 1/2 years (ever since I was diagnosed) and I finally get to share it with my best friend to help her through this. I was recommending books I found most helpful and websites I have discovered. I told her she should start up a blog, if she wants to, and be a part of this DID world. Her husband has been so supportive of her and I think he is so awesome. He told me he will be calling me frequently to ask questions and borrow all of my books.

I don't know if it is weird for me to be excited like this, but I am. I feel like B and I can really be there for each other like we have been since the beginning. So I may be posting a link to a future post of mine so you guys can meet her and help her out too.

It is crazy how things can change so drastically... I hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. I have heard of people w/DID being misdiagnosed as schizophrenic

  2. That makes a lot of sense. Schizophrenics do not do well without medication but those with DID can. Not everyone understands DID, so a lot of people are misdiagnosed a few times over before they receive the correct diagnosis. Not all therapists even believe in DID, so it is great that your friend has gotten this straight. Go ahead, be happy for her. Be elated!!! Schizophrenia is a chronic, life long illness that cannot be cured--only managed. DID on the other hand, may be complex, but it is trauma and defenses both of which can be treated successfully. It is a good thing. :)

  3. Wow this is amazing - I hope that you both get to support each other through this. She will be lucky to have you and I can totally understand how you would be excited by this. And forlothlorien is right - DID has a much better prognosis for the longer term.


  4. Grace,
    I was misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia for a couple of months two different times. It's a scary thing, especially when you know you aren't schizophrenic.

    Okay good :) Thanks for you comment.

    Thank you! It is great to know that this can have a more positive outcome.


  5. Bee
    I am very confident that you will be a tremendous comfort to your friend.