Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Happy 75th Blog Post!!

Oh do I have SO much to tell! For those of you who have been reading my blog, you know that my friend K's mom passed away recently (post here). I ended up going to her house and staying with her this weekend (Friday afternoon to Monday night). And guess who came with me? Rae, my ex-best friend.

Thursday night, kind of late, I get a text from Rae (Ex-Best Friend post). She was really worried about K and thought that we both needed to go down there to see her and to make sure she was doing okay. I was originally planning on visiting K and basically Rae was asking if she could tag along. I told her it was fine and that my mom would love that I would be traveling with someone. I drove an hour home from work, picked up Rae and then drove the 3.5 hours to K's house.

When I first picked Rae up it was awkward. We didn't really know what to say - we haven't hung out together in two years. But as soon as we got on the freeway/highway (about 2 miles from her house) we were talking like we used to - laughing, giggling, singing along to our music, joking, teasing, etc. The first hour we spent laughing and telling each other funny stories. Once we got out of the city and into the more boring open land part of the drive, we started really talking. How the past two years have been and what both of us were thinking two years ago when the friendship ended. We got to cover a lot of ground and I was not ready to get out of the car and see K once we got there. I felt like I wanted to just spend the weekend with Rae.

But here is where it gets interesting. We arrive at K's house all buddy-buddy almost best friends again and that is the first thing K notices. After giving it thought all day today, I think K did not want me and Rae to become friends again. Which I do not understand at all.

The whole weekend the three of us spent every minute together and the whole time K was being mean to Rae and awkward/weird around me. She wouldn't talk about how she was feeling and every time we would ask her how she was doing she would change the subject or pretend to fall asleep. Rae and I ended up spending every night talking while K was asleep.

By Monday night, Rae had had enough of K being so mean to her. We left and immediately Rae started venting to me. After she got it out of her system, we spent the rest of the 3 hour drive really talking again. We talked about what we had been doing the past two years, how we were different, about our families, etc. It felt like we were best friends again. We talked about all the things we needed to do together to catch up. We're going to hang out in a few days when I get back into town (she lives 3 miles from my house).

I cannot express the joy and happiness I feel! I cannot believe me and Rae are friends again! It is a miracle. I never thought this day would come. We texted for hours last night. I have been super happy all of today. Even boring things were just marvelous today!

The bad thing is... K is extremely jealous that Rae and I are friends again. Why? I wish I knew. But she has already started trying to get Rae to turn against me. The cool thing is, Rae knows what K is trying to do and she isn't going to let anything come between us again. I just wish K could be happy for us. Maybe she is jealous because Rae likes me better than her. It's not my fault Rae and I get along so well. Back when we were roommates, everyone thought we were twins - that's how freakishly close we were. And now, it looks like we have that potential again. K and Rae will never be like that and I think K is threatened by that. I just wish the three of us could be best friends together like we were when we first met each other. I guess life was simpler back then...

I will stop talking now! I just wanted to share my great news :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend (those in the USA that is...!)


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  1. It's good to hear you had such a good time! Yea!