Sunday, March 7, 2010


Does anybody have a hard time sleeping?

I will go days without sleeping. I feel wide awake as soon as it gets dark outside. My mind just keeps pumping away.

But when I do eventually sleep, I have horrible nightmares and flashbacks of memories. When I wake up, I have severe panic attacks until there is light outside. Luckily, most of the time I forget my nightmares but I am left with the anxiousness and fearful feelings from those dreams.

My splits don't seem to ever sleep. Is that normal? Sometimes we'll take turns sleeping - we feel safer that way, I guess. I try to take naps during the day because I seem to sleep better during the day than at night. But I don't always have a chance to take naps because I have such a busy schedule.


  1. When I first learned that my problems were due to DID, I was already headlong into living a panicked life. I didn't sleep for weeks, I had to call my T to get me into class (I was in college, majoring in Sociology/Psych, of all things), and I didn't know up from down. I can tell you, it will pass. My T once told me that when my family has to begin the change to treating me with respect, they will lash out, grumble, fight it and cause problems, but they will come around. My alters did that, too, but it has calmed down. Hang in there.

  2. I have always had problems with sleeping... I always have nightmares - which I now know are due to memories being remembered while I am sleeping. I am waiting for the days where I can actually have a good night of sleep - because I have never experienced a good night of sleep.
    My alters used to be unmanageable. Now that I have gotten to know them, they have calmed down considerably and my days are much better now.
    Thanks for your comments. It means a lot.

  3. Yeah, That 5 letter word sleep didn't really exist in my life for about 4 years. I would go sometimes a week without sleep because of nightmares and flashbacks. I have tried so many sleep meds nothing helped me. However what did help me was getting into a sleep routine esp with my parts. I do things like take hot showers read the littles books and listen to my ipod. I helps my parts to settle down before they go to sleep. It doesn't always work but it might help. Good Luck.

  4. Thanks for sharing that. It actually sounds like it may work! I will definitely try that. Thanks for reading :)

  5. When I finally became sleepy. All I ever wanted to do was sleep and I could sleep all day and all night. The only thing I can say is when and if this happens go with it. It has worked an amazing healing in my life to just let my body sleep. I have found so many answers and also it is incredible to rest.

  6. Vicki,

    That's how I currently function now! I find that most of the time, I sleep better during 3pm and 7pm. Random, but whatever works, right? Thank you for you comments :)


  7. Yep, all sorts of sleep issues. One thing that many people would say is an issue is the hours I would prefer to keep. Big night owl, which can create problems. Thankfully I receive SSI and don't have to worry about a work schedule. But I sure know all about the sleep stuff and nightmares, ugh.

  8. Cait,

    It's so weird, because before I found this "blogging world" I had NO ONE to relate to and I thought that I had to be one of the few to experience all this but now that I have found all these people with DID also, it is like I am not alone at all! It is sad that so many people have suffered as well but it is so good to know that we're not alone. Thank you for your comments!


  9. Sleep?

    It's always been difficult.
    Night owl.... Yes, have been forever.
    ppl don't understand. Say no wonder
    I can't sleep at night because I nap in
    the day. Well, just let me say that even
    when I don't nap.... things do not change.

    I hate flashback dreams. I have to just
    get up and get away from the flash.


  10. has always been difficult for me as well. Someday I will have a good night of sleep and I will be posting about it everywhere!