Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

Today has been kind of slow... I woke up earlier than normal for a Wednesday morning and then took my sweet time getting ready. I didn't feel good at all (nauseous) so I was getting ready even slower than I normally do. Interning was good. Did some more testing and re-organized their research binder.

Now I'm just packing (to go to the grandparents) and preparing myself for my three classes tonight. I'm crossing my fingers that we get out at a decent time so I'm not driving late at night.

I was thinking earlier today about how everything of mine has a specific place or spot. I have placed each of my possessions/belongings in certain places and I notice if it has even been slightly moved. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just crazy to be like that? I don't know... Most of my things are alphabetical or in numerical order. Like my clothes are alphabetized by brand, my movies are alphabetized by title, my books are alphabetized by author, my class notes are in numerical order. I always know if one of my sisters has taken something of mine or my mom has been searching through my stuff because things won't be in the place I have "assigned" to them. My friend says most of my stuff looks like it was just randomly placed there and she wouldn't be able to tell the difference if something was moved or not. I think I may do this because I had so much taken from me growing up that I now find myself having to control and be aware of everything I have now. I don't know... I've tried to stop this insane habit but I can't help it. I do it subconsciously too. My cousin thinks I have a photographic memory because I can look at something once and remember pretty much everything exactly. It makes studying pretty easy for me. Anyway, I think I'm getting off topic now..haha.

Well I'm sorry if this post was completely pointless!

April Fools Day tomorrow...


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